The pickleball club is providing a scheduled series of events designed to give new and learning players an opportunity to enjoy organized play time with players of similar skill capabilities. The format for these events is call a SHOOTOUT - you win your game, you move up in rank but if you lose you move down in rank. TWO SHOOTOUTs are held each month -  3rd Wednesday PM and last Saturday AM. Each session is a new competition and a chance to play with different players. No records will be kept by the club regarding your performance in a SHOOTOUT.  ONLY C and D rated players are invited to this series of SHOOTOUT sessions.

THERE IS AN ALL CLUB SHOOTOUT ON THE 2ND SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH UNLESS OTHERWISE ANNOUNCED. All members are invited to this shootout. Click all member shootout here.     Yes, C/D players can play in all SHOOTOUT sessions.


  • Signups & Warm Ups begin 30 minutes before games start.  Court & Partner assignments, as well as shootout rules, will be given 5 minutes before games begin.
  • Games are 15 minutes in duration when a horn will sound.  
  • A 5 minutes break will be provided to obtain a drink, move to your new court and select new partner.
  • Winners are determined by: 1. First to 11 is winner (we do not require a 2 pt lead in the shootouts) 2. Whoever is ahead at the end of the time period, or 3. If score is tied at the end of the time period serving team is winner.
  • Winners advance one court and losers move down a court. (Winners on top court and losers on the bottom court stay put).  
  • After changing courts teams split and choose new partners.   
  • Try not to play with the same partner twice.
  • Typically play about 1 1/2 hours. Subs are usually available for anyone needing to quit earlier.
  • Light refreshments provided by the club are served in the Ramada after the games. 

CURRENTLY SCHEDULED SESSIONS  (Third Wednesday PM and Last Saturday AM each month)

Wed., Jan. 17, 2:30 PM sign in - games start at 3 PM   CANCELLED
Sat., Jan. 27, 8:30 AM sign in - games start at 9 AM   CANCELLED
So that sufficient food can be prepared and sufficient courts can be reserved please register at least two days prior to the shootout you wish to play in.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER OR TO CANCEL YOUR REGISTRATION FOR THE C/D SHOOTOUT