Robson Ranch Denton Pickleball Club 2018 Board Member Election Announcement.

In accordance with our club by laws, the club needs to hold an election to fill the open positions for the 2018 board.

There are 5 open positions, and the nominating committee is accepting candidates now. The deadline to submit your name as a candidate is Feb 12th.

  1. President (1 year)
  2. Vice President (1 year)
  3. Treasurer (1 year)
  4. Secretary (1 year)
  5. At Large (2 year)

If you are interested in being nominated for a position or have any questions, please respond the nominating committee chair, [email protected] .

2018 Tournaments

The USAPA Mid-South Regional tournament registration is open on pickleballtournaments.com and will be at Grapevine this year, Thu 03/01/18 thru Sun 03/04/18, only 20 minutes from the Ranch. See Ford, Fred or Mark if you need assistance registering for this event. Players over 60 will be playing in five-year age groups and at their skill level like our SSIPA tournament last year.

There will be two major tournaments coming to our club in 2018

Quad States Senior Open, May 8-10 for players 50+ in age. 

Our tournament will open for registration on 1/15/2018 at 1pm in the afternoon on pickleballtournaments.com.

Super Seniors World Pickleball Championships,   October 23-25 for players 60+ in age.

Both of these tournaments will be age/skill tournaments. This type of tournament allows players in 5 year age groups to compete at their skill levels. All players of differing age groups can compete with players at their skill level making these tournaments available for all players.

There will be organizational meetings beginning in January for persons interested in making these tournaments a wonderful experience for the players and patrons of our club. Please consider sharing your talents and abilities to help run a great event at our super facility.



A big THANK YOU to all of the candidates and to all of the voters who participated in the election. Voter turnout was terrific!

You can see the full election results at:


The annual election of officers and approval of 2017/18 budget will be conducted March 13 and 14. Online voting will be open 5:00 PM March 13 until 11:45 PM, March 14. Anyone who will not have internet access during that time may designate a proxy to cast their vote (see below for instructions). Results of the election will be presented and ratified by a majority of club members attending the Annual Meeting Wednesday March 15, 2017, 6:00 PM before the Banquet/Dance.

The voter list will include only members who have paid 2017 dues before March 1, 2017.

PROXY VOTERS  If you know you will not have access to the internet on March 13 and 14 you may designate a proxy to vote your wishes by clicking here - PROXY  .    The Voter List has been finalized and no additional Proxy Requests will be accepted.

CAMPAIGN STATEMENTS and photos for all candidates are  HERE


    The budget reflects a projected income from membership dues of $10,000, $25 per person @ 400 membership.  We have currently collected dues from 329 members as of March 1 deadline set by the board.
    The rest of the budget is projections for shirt sales, banquet fees, tournament fees, and social events.  All these monies are in/out expenses that would be paid for the cost of doing business.  Clearly, these amounts are just guidelines and could be more or less.
    As of March 7th, the club's current bank balance is $14,384.  This balance includes membership dues of $8,350 and $2,835 banquet receipts both totaling $11,185.  Subtracting this total from the current bank balance would leave a carry over of $3,199.  The board will not expend any monies between now and the April 1, 2017, start of the newly elected board cycle, except to pay for the banquet. 
    Please find attached a copy of the proposed budget to be voted on with the board election on March 13th and March 14th.  Results will be announced at the annual meeting on March 15th to begin at 6 PM.
   For questions regarding the budget please contact the President at [email protected] .
   Thank you, The Board

Click here to see BUDGET

For additional information regarding the election contact Nominating Committee, [email protected]