Robson Ranch Denton Pickleball Club 2020 Board Member Election Ballot 

Voting begins Feb 19 and ends March 4.  The banquet will be on March 10th.


My name is Tom Michelsen, I am running for reelection for Club President. I have been a RR resident since 2014 and started playing PB the same year. I have volunteered in our club to help support tournaments, served on the ratings committee and provided support in other areas of our club. I have also been a volunteer in other committees within RR. This past year as your president I have worked hard with the Board to continue to strengthen our club with good policies and making changes that have had positive feedback from our members. I would like the opportunity to serve for a second term by asking you for your vote.

Thank you,


VICE PRESIDENT                         


It has been a privilege to serve as your Vice President for the past year and believe that that experience will be of value in helping to meet the needs of our club for the coming year. It is exciting to see the courts being busier all the time, and that will only continue with the addition of lights to the remaining courts. With a steady flow of new members and members actively challenging to higher skill levels, our club is strong and growing. Continuing to meet the needs of the membership and planning for the future will be key responsibilities for the next Board and I would like to represent each of you in those efforts. I ask for and thank you for your support.

Thank You,



My name is Christine Root I will be running for the Treasurer position for our Pickleball Club.

I have had years of experience in accounting working for the Big Four and in the corporate world. For the last 8 years I have run my own accounting business from my home and continue to this day.

Ron and I moved to RR last June and have been blessed to have found such a wonderful place. The community is by far more than we ever expected. It would be my privilege to serve on the board as Treasurer this year.

Thank You,



My name is Marilyn Winter and I am running for the position of Secretary of the Pickleball Club.  My husband, Gary and I moved to Robson Ranch in May of 2018. We were so excited to try Pickleball that 3 days after moving in we were at a Pickleball Orientation Meeting and 8 days later we were starting the Pickleball Academy. We LOVE playing Pickleball!  The Board has done an awesome job of promoting Pickleball and I would like the opportunity to continue their vision for the future. Over the past year I have been involved with the Pickleball Social Committee and the All Club Shootouts.

Thank you for your consideration and I ask for your Vote for Secretary of the Pickleball Club.


AT LARGE POSITION 2                            

My name is Spike Evans and I'm running for an At-Large board member position. I moved to Robson Ranch in 2017. I retired from a career in electrical distribution in the spring of 2018. I was a senior level credit and administrative manager, wrapping up my service by consulting in the IT department. A few months after retirement I became addicted to pickleball and am trying to unlearn 50+ years of racquetball habits. I am currently the club's assistant webmaster and am also learning the pickleball tournament software. I look forward to serving the club in additional capacities if elected.


AT LARGE POSITION 3                            

Dave Parker

I would like to ask for your vote for a one year term on the Pickleball Board as an At Large Member. I recently finished a two year term on the HOA Board of Directors at Robson Ranch. I now have time to pursue activities that I am passionate about. Pickleball is the sport I enjoy and play as much as possible. My pickleball participation began as a CPG coordinator for a group five years ago. I was the Pickleball Academy Coordinator, ball machine training coordinator and Shootout Committee member in the past. I volunteer as a photographer at Robson tournaments.

Robson Ranch Volunteer Background and Activities:

* Three year board member of the Robson Ranch Road Runners

* Past Robson Ranch host for visiting couples

* Baby Boomer publicity

* Member of Robson Ranch Sigma Chi Group

* Robson Ranch Mentor for five years at Borman Elementary for 1st and 2nd graders during the school year

* Member of the Robson Ranch Republican Club

* Robson Ranch Angel Caregiver

* Our Daily Bread volunteer

* One of the founding members of Texas Toss

* One of the founding members of the Robson Ranch Gun Club

* Member of the Photography Club

* Member of a Bible Study Group and a men’s discussion group

* Member of two wine groups

* Founding member of the Rock and Roll Martini Group

* Served a two year term on the Robson Ranch HOA Board

Thank you for your consideration of your vote. 

Dave Parker (dwparker33@gmail.com)