Robson Ranch Denton Pickleball Club 2021 Board Member Election Ballot 

Voting begins Feb 19 and ends March 4. 

Due to Covid restrictions and construction at the Club House we are unable to hold a banquet in early March. We will allow the New Board members to decide on a future date or postpone until March 2022.

Voting Has Ended

See below for the Results, Candidates and Bios


Ken Quarfoot - 195

Ford Roberson - 150

Vice President:

Dee Tarver - 204

Tom Michelsen - 141


Mark Kellam - 333

No - 12


Marilyn Winter - 341

No - 4

At Large #1:

Bob Elliott - 337

No - 8

At Large #3:

Cheryl Jensen - 246

Doug Battig - 99

Budget Approval:

Yes - 333

No - 12

345 votes total, out of 555 eligible = 62.2%


WOW, what is going on? An actively contested election for the board of a pickleball club in a retirement community in north Texas. Usually, you have to beg people to participate on the board of a club, but not today for our club.

My name is Ken Quarfoot, and I am a candidate for president of our club. My wife, Sheri, and I have lived in Robson Ranch for five years, I have served as Vice President of the club for the past two years, and I play pickleball almost every day (as long as it’s not raining). In that time, I believe I have come to understand what is important to the membership.

It is the exercise, the competition, the friendships, and social interaction that are the major attractions for our members. The key to these elements is morning club play, with the ability to come down and play when you want and leave when you want. In addition, activities like shoot-outs, tournaments, clinics, and the ability to organize groups of players for open court time round out a fun pickleball experience.

I think it is important to continue the existing structure of the club with respect to skill levels, court assignments and court time schedules. This is the structure that works best for our members: there is no desire to be like other clubs. I believe the Board’s responsibility is to recognize and respond to the interests and expectations of the membership, not the other way around.

 I believe the Board’s priorities should be:

  • ·       Continued strong support for player development by encouraging participation in clinics, lessons, and drill rodeos and supporting our trainers in their efforts.
  • ·       Maintain existing dedicated courts and club court time for the four (A, B, C and D) skill levels from 6:00 AM through 1:00 PM
  • ·       In addition to dedicated open court time for player development, open court time after 1:00 PM should be available for anyone to play or for groups to organize recurring weekly matches. The Board should not dictate or schedule who can play and when they can play during open court time.
  • ·       Support and expand shoot-outs, intra-club tournaments and social events to strengthen our pickleball friendships and contribute to the social aspect of our club.   

My name is Ken Quarfoot. I am asking for your vote and support to look after the interests of all 608 club members.

This is more than just a pickleball club in a retirement community in north Texas, it is your club, it is your choice: your vote matters. Thank you for your consideration.


Board service/leadership – member of RRDPC since 9/2013 –

3 years board member, 2 years as president

Committee service – ratings, tournaments, academy/player development

Tournament Director for Quad States and Mid-South Regional tournaments

Service/Leadership Experiences outside the Ranch –

USA Pickleball Ambassador, certified professional referee

IPTPA Regional Director – certified professional instructor/coach

SSIPA Founder/Executive Director, retired

IFP Ambassador/Director of Player Competition, European/Asian TD, retired

Travel/Competition –

Competed in 25 states and Canada

Competed in Europe and Asia

Competed in all Major US Tournaments – USA Nationals (6), National Senior Games, State games of America, US Open, Huntsman World Games, Six different USA Pickleball Regional tournaments

Commitment/Dedication –

Our club should make our sport FUN with a variety of activities that all club members can participate in together. Working with the board through member input, we will be able to rival any club with services that are engaging/varied for both social and competitive players. Court amenities and future facility growth should continue to be a top priority as well.

After retiring from the IFP and SSIPA, I am ready to turn my efforts back to my first love, Robson Ranch Denton Pickleball Club.

Please consider my desire to serve you as your next club president.




My name is Dee Tarver and I am running for Vice President. My husband Lee (who is also an avid pickleball player) and I have lived in Robson for 3½ years and have volunteered with the club in many ways since basically day 1. Lee and I chaired the Membership Committee for a year. I have also chaired the nominating committee, volunteered during tournaments, helped with the Academy and also served on the ratings committee. I am a retired CPA and worked in public accounting for many years. I have served various Board positions for several not for profits and volunteered with AARPs Tax Aide program for over 10 years.

Before deciding to run for Vice President of our Pickleball Club, I reviewed the website and board minutes to gather as much information as possible. I was particularly interested in the October and November minutes when it was suggested that our club hours would be reduced to accommodate coordinated play groups (CPGs), challenge courts and select groups reserving courts for specific needs. I thought about how great it was that I could show up at the courts during club hours 6am - 1pm Monday-Saturday and play for as little or as long I wanted. I thought about if the schedule changed and I couldn’t play on certain days because I didn’t fit the group or wasn’t invited into the select group playing that day. What if another activity conflicted with my assigned play day/time? I would hate to have to choose between the two. That is what the Robson lifestyle is all about – staying busy and involved in everything this great community has to offer! Now that we have lights on all courts, we have plenty of availability for groups to reserve courts and offer leagues, ladders and shootouts without cutting our Club hours. I am all about new ideas and offering more play options but just not during Club hours. We are a growing club and Club time is a great way for new members to meet and make new friends. I strongly support seeking member input before making major changes to the club schedule or policies. I try to think about how decisions/changes will affect everybody, not what is best for a select few.

I am passionate about pickleball and this Club. I so enjoy playing this sport and meeting so many others that love this sport too. I would love the opportunity to represent ALL members of the Club serving as Vice President. I ask for your vote and thank you for your consideration.

Dee Tarver

VICE PRESIDENT                              

My name is Tom Michelsen, I am running for Vice President. I have been a RR resident since 2014 and started playing PB the same year. I have served as Club President the past 2 years and volunteered for many club activities and also served on the Ratings Committee for 2 years. I have also served on our ALC committee and worked at the front gate.

In the past 2 years we have grown from 400 to over 600 members and still growing, as a board member I will continue to support a positive vision for our club based on member feedback. In the past 2 years we approved many changes to support our growing club which were: added lights to eight more courts, 2 HOA Courts converted to club courts, taller PVC gates for all courts for safety and a new website (WA) for better club efficiently.

I consider it a privilege to serve our PB club and believe we should serve with a purpose to help meet the needs of all club members, I am seeking an opportunity to serve again and would appreciate your vote.

Thank you,



I am volunteering to be the Treasurer for our club for 2021/2022. As with many of us, I am obsessed with pickleball! I also enjoying helping to manage clubs and events. Bringing those two together by volunteering to be on the board is a win for me.

Financial Background – I spent my career in Controllership and Financial Systems positions for several companies, and retired from The Walt Disney Company. More recently, I have been Treasurer for Super Senior International Pickleball Association (SSIPA).

Board of Director Background – I was a board member for our club on two occasions (Vice President, At Large position). In addition, I served as Committee Chair – Tournaments, and Committee Member – Scheduling. With SSIPA, I served on the Board of Directors for 4 years in a variety of positions (Treasurer, Memberships, Newsletter, Technology, and Tournament Management).

Outside of my financial background, I have participated in a large number of tournaments (USAPA Nationals, Regionals, and other events around the country). I was tournament director/operations for Quad States Open (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021), 2019 USAPA Mid-South Regional, and have run multiple RRDPC club tournaments. I have been fortunate to see how many clubs manage their club membership and playtime, as well as their facilities. That will allow me to continue to bring that experience to our club here at Robson Ranch.

Mark Kellam


My name is Marilyn Winter and I am running for a second term as Secretary of the Pickleball Club.

Last year the Board did an awesome job of promoting Pickleball and improving our facility. I would like the opportunity to continue that vision.

Thank you for your consideration and I ask for your Vote for Secretary of the Pickleball Club.

Marilyn Winter

AT LARGE POSITION 1  (2-Year Term) 


I am running for the position of member-at-large. I’ve been a member of the RRDPB club since we moved from Missouri to Robson Ranch. After quickly taking the Academy, Pickleball was the first club we joined! For 2 years I was responsible for organizing and running the monthly Saturday morning C/D shootouts. I thoroughly enjoyed doing that and working with many other club members. Last summer and fall I helped my wife, Jeannette, organize the wildly popular C/D Sunday night mixed group —which currently has enthusiastic new leaders. These past 2 years I have been a member of the Ratings committee. Everyone on this committee has worked hard to make decisions for implementing a new rating process. The goal has always been to set up a process that is fair, consistent, and manageable for a fast growing club. This job has been especially rewarding to me as I enjoy helping and encouraging others to advance to the next level as soon as they feel qualified and confident to do so. As our club continues to grow at a fast rate, I foresee several challenges with having enough courts available for all to play. As a member of the Board of Directors, I can assure you I would work to represent all of the members and groups fairly.

Bob Elliott

AT LARGE POSITION 3  (1-Year Term) 

One year after moving to Robson, I put my house on the market. There were a lot of things I loved about Robson, but I didn’t feel any connection to the community. Then a friend talked me into meeting her at the pickleball courts one day and a “bug” bit me that changed everything. I took my house off the market, enrolled in the Academy and the rest has been a wonderful mix of fun and friendship.

After spending 34 years with IBM, I retired and started my own company which I still have today delivering sales and leadership development training and working as a professionally certified coach. My life travels have taken me to every continent except Africa and Antarctica; meaning I have met many kinds of people. Those experiences informed my opinion, there are not many places better than Robson Ranch to live and pickleball buddies are some of the best people in the world.

One of the aspects of pickleball that I am most passionate about is player development. Nothing beats seeing players learn and make shots they didn’t have in their repertoire before and moving up if they have that aspiration. It is one of the reasons I decided to seek a position on the board. It was my idea, working with Sherrill Kerr and Donna Henry to start Skill Drill Clinics, now happening at all levels. Another area of opportunity that inspires new friendships is the play that occurs when all levels come together for the fun of playing and meeting new friends. This has happened twice during our All Women’s All Levels Tournaments - another idea inspired by Sherrill Kerr. This is an area I’d love to see developed and expanded. It’s important to remember, not everyone in Robson has retired and our members who are still working deserve equal consideration in board decisions. This is also true for players who need consideration due to health reasons which could be any of us at any time. It’s important for all levels to believe they have someone open to listening to their ideas, speaking up for them during board decisions, and voting with an eye on inclusion and equity. The freedom we have today to play indoors and outdoors provides so many options for healthy and fun exercise for all players. I want our club to be a place of inclusion, fun, and competitive to the point other clubs in the area respect and admire us. As you read the bios and decide who to vote for, the question to ask is “What is the focus of the person’s message in the bio – is it you and the club or who they are and what they have done?”

This is a great community of players I would be honored to serve, and I ask for your vote and support.


AT LARGE POSITION 3 (1-Year Term) 


Hello to my fellow pickleball players.  I am running for an At-Large seat on your board of directors.  I am a retired pilot who spent 41 years flying for the USAF and American Airlines.  I have been playing pickleball almost 5 years here at Robson Ranch and have enjoyed the transition from tennis to one of the fastest growing sports in the country.  I have seen how our club has grown and the improvements made over the last several years to accommodate its members.  So I would like to take this opportunity to thank our current board for all their hard work and projects they have been able to accomplish.

I know many of you have some concerns about how we currently do things.  I would like the chance to sit down with club members to come up with some better ways of running our club.  Ideas like more efficiently scheduling your daily playtime, men’s and women's playtime, shootouts and adding a challenge court.

One of my duties may include heading up any board projects for the club.  I have played under the new LED lights which provide much better visibility than the old lights.  So one project I would like to encourage would be replacing the old style lights on the A and B courts with the brighter new LED lights.

Our club is over 600 strong now and still growing.  Court space is becoming very limited during high demand times.  We need more court space which means building new courts or modifying a couple tennis courts.  This would also allow hosting bigger tournaments and making more money for our club projects. 

  So I would like the opportunity to look into these future projects and listen to any members suggestions, but will need your vote.

Thanks for your consideration and see you on the courts…

Doug Battig