The Pickleball club is providing a scheduled series of events designed to give ALL players an opportunity to enjoy organized play time with players of similar skill capabilities. The format for these events is call a SHOOTOUT.  Two SHOOTOUTs are held each month.  One the “All Club Shootout” is for all members on the 2nd Saturday of every month and the second is the “C/D Shootout” for only C and D rated players on the 4th Saturday of every month. Each session is a new competition and a chance to play with different players. No records are kept by the club regarding your performance in a SHOOTOUT. 

CURRENTLY SCHEDULED SESSIONS click on the Shootout of interest.

All Club Shootout PDF Flyer   -  2nd Saturday of the month.

C(3.0)/D(2.0)Shootout PDF Flyer  -  4th Saturday of the month.


  • Signups & Warm Ups begin 30 - 45 minutes before games start.  Court & Partner assignments, as well as shootout rules, will be given 5 minutes before games begin.
  • Games are 15 minutes in duration when a horn will sound.  
  • A 5 minutes break will be provided to obtain a drink, move to your new court and select new partner.
  • Winners are determined by:
    • 1. First to 11 is winner (we do not require a 2 pt lead in the shootouts)
    • 2. Whoever is ahead at the end of the time period, or
    • 3. If score is tied at the end of the time period serving team is winner.
  • Winners move to a lower numbered court and losers move to a higher numbered court. (Winners on bottom court and losers on the top court stay put).  
  • After changing courts teams split and choose new partners.   
  • Try not to play with the same partner twice.
  • Typically play about 1 1/2 hours (total of 6 games per shootout). Subs are usually available for anyone needing to quit earlier.