The two club-owned ball machines will be made available to all members completing a required training session. Please see the procedures below.

Any Pickleball club member interested in using the ball machines must attend a training session to learn safety and operational procedures.  See Player Development Calendar for Dates and Times for Ball Machine Training Attendance is required at only one session so pick the date and time more convenient to you. Player development instructors previously trained on ball machine operation will not be required to attend another session.


  1. Ball machines will be stored in a locked container between the Pickleball courts and the Ramada. Balls will also be stored in same container. These balls will be designated for exclusive use with ball machines.
  2. Key to the storage box will be kept at the front desk of sports center.
  3. Members wishing to use machines will sign for the key at the front desk and return the key when done, signing the list to show key was returned.
  4. Player development will provide safety/operational training to members at specific training times (to be determined), and provide an eligibility list of those completing the training to the sports center staff.
  5. Only members who have completed training and appear on the eligibility list will be allowed to check out ball machines.
  6. Failure to follow these procedures or operate ball machines in a safe and sensible manner will result in loss of machine-use privileges.
  7. Ball machines cannot be used for fee-based instruction.
  8. The Ball Machines can be used anytime between 10am and 10pm as long as there is No Skill Level Court Play affected for both Summer and the Winter late starts due to inclement weather.

Note: Skill level court time is the first priority for all players and courts 8 and 11 are the primary designated courts to set up the ball machines.

Please email your questions, comments and suggestions regarding ball machines to Player Development.