Board Established Committee Goals for 2019-2020

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Tournaments - The committee will plan 2-3 tournaments during the year including a regional sanctioned tournament, if possible.

Ratings - The committee will provide an effective rating process implemented on a fair and consistent basis that is board approved.

Public Relations – Will promote club events available at the Ranch and in the area and provide a club newsletter with information submitted by club members.

Membership – The committee will provide new members with an orientation and work toward retaining all members.

Social – The committee will assist in the planning and coordination of club events.

Ethics – The board will establish and enforce rules for court behavior and enforce sanctions for unacceptable behavior.

Scheduling - The committee will review and update the schedules annually or as needed.

Player Development – The committee will provide clinics, drill sessions, and competitive programs not related to tournaments.

Academy - Will provide regularly scheduled training sessions for new players.

Tech Support-Webmaster – Will develop and update procedures for administration data and website (RRDPC.COM).

Committee Chairs 2019-20

 Contact Information
Larry Nortunen, Manager
League/Ladder Coordinator
Mike and Pam Clements
Player Development
Donna Henry
Public Relations
Linda Vandenbree

Gene Mason

Nolan Gunnoe
Carrie Summers
Tech Support-Webmaster
John Napurano
Tech Support-Webmaster 
Spike Evans