Pickleball Club Guest Policy


We are an age-restricted Robson Gated Community. Play is restricted to Homeowners, Residents, and their Guests. Guests are defined as non residents visiting Robson Ranch.


1. For our Club and Non-Club Members with Guests: HOA Courts 1 & 2 are available from 6am-10pm daily. Court 1 is a walk-on court and court 2 is reserved through Chelsea.  Note: Club Members and Non Club Members with Guest(s) have first priority for these 2 courts.

2. For the Robson Preferred Guest Program and those guests that utilize the USAPA “Places to Play” website: Please contact rrpb.pres@gmail.com for court assignment.

3. Club Members with visiting family members that have a similar skill level will be permitted to play with club members during skill level court time (6am-1pm) as long as it does not impede other club members from playing on the courts.

4. Indoor courts are reserved for Robson Ranch Pickleball Club members and the Robson Preferred Guest Program during Pickleball Club scheduled time.

5. Guests must abide by Club Rules and sign a Waiver available at the Sports Club desk prior to playing. The Homeowner is Responsible for having their guests sign the Waiver.