2019 Tournaments

The Mid South Regional Tournament is coming March 29-31, 2019. Registration begins January 1, 2019 and, since this one has all age groups, we are expecting up to 600 players. We will play on up to 40 courts, utilizing the 6 Tennis Courts to put 4 temporary Pickleball Courts on each one.  Registration closes on January 11. 2019.



A big THANK YOU to all of the candidates and to all of the voters who participated in the election. Voter turnout was terrific!

You can see the full election results at:


The annual election of officers and approval of 2018/19 budget will be conducted March 9 and 13. Online voting will be open 12:00 PM March 9 until 16:00 PM, March 13.  Anyone who will not have internet access during that time may designate a proxy to cast their vote (see below for instructions). Results of the election will be presented and ratified by a majority of club members attending the Annual Meeting Thurssday March 15, 2018, 6:00 PM before the Banquet/Dance.

The voter list will include only members who have paid 2018 dues before March 1, 2018.

PROXY VOTERS  If you know you will not have access to the internet on March 9 - 13 you may designate a proxy to vote your wishes by clicking here - PROXY  .    The Voter List has been finalized and no additional Proxy Requests will be accepted.

CAMPAIGN STATEMENTS and photos for all candidates are  HERE


    The budget reflects a projected income from membership dues of $10,000, $25 per person @ 400 membership.  We have currently collected dues from 328 members as of March 1 deadline set by the board.
    The rest of the budget is projections for shirt sales, banquet fees, tournament fees, and social events.  All these monies are in/out expenses that would be paid for the cost of doing business.  Clearly, these amounts are just guidelines and could be more or less.

For additional information regarding the election contact Nominating Committee, rrpb.nominating@gmail.com