Effective March 9, 2021


Susan Michelsen (Chairman), Dee Tarver, Bob Elliott,Chris Mershon and Efrain Santiago. These five skilled and well respected members have taken on the task of designing and implementing a rating policy/process intended to be fair, consistent and manageable for a growing club within time constraints of the committee. The policy/process is stated below. 


  1. The Committee will create ratings generally in accordance with the IPTPA Rating/Guidelines, that range from 2.0 – 4.5.
  2. The composition of the committee should include 3 - 5 active club members with at least 1 year in the RRDPB club.  The committee should be represented by rating levels 3.0 and higher. The Chairman is appointed by the Board. Additional members are chosen by the Ratings Committee Chairman to serve a minimum of one year. 
  3. Current ratings will be retained until changed in accordance with this policy/procedure.
  4. All New Club Members will be placed in either the novice group or the 2.0 group unless they have an USAPA MXD/DBL rating (UTPR) based on tournament history of at least 2 years with no less than 3 tournaments or documentation from a previous organized Pickleball Club’s Rating Committee/Certified Instructor stating their level of play. Upon production of the required documentation, the member will be assigned to a club rating group. All current Club members will not be moved up or down with the changing UTPR but must advance by the current RAC (Rating Advancement Challenge) process.     
  5. The Ratings Committee shall develop a written ratings advancement policy for board approval. Approved policy shall be published below on the club website.
  6. All players that advance under the club’s advancement process must stay at that level for 3 months before challenging up to the next level.
  7. If a member has a surgery/health concern and is recovering, they may play down for 30 days. The member must make a request to the ratings committee ( prior to playing down. After 30 days, the member must return to their rating group unless they would like to stay at the lower rating. Members may request to be moved down by emailing the Ratings Committee. Any player requesting to move down must remain at that level and can only advance using the RAC (Rating Advancement Challenge) process.
  8. It is the Club Member’s responsibility to make sure their rating is correct.   The current rating list may be found here:  Membership System. Please address any questions regarding ratings to the Ratings Committee (



      To facilitate allocation of court time
      To ensure that players of similar skill levels can play together
      To facilitate court time for blended play within all skill levels
      To assist in organization of ladder and/or league play
      To assist in player assignment for club tournaments


Player Rating Advancement Process

Effective November, 2020

  1. Members considering a rating advancement should refer to the skills guidelines at
  2. The rating advancement is a three step process and should be completed within 3-4 weeks. The process consists of the following:
    • Passing a skills test using IPTPA guidelines for the advancement level being sought.
    • A play up period with the advancement group for one week during club hours (optional).  Maximum of 2 players.
    • Win 2 out of 3 games to 15 or achieve a score of 34 points 
    • Benchmark Players will be selected by the Ratings Committee from a pool of eligible and available players. Players must have played at a level for at least 3 months to be eligible as a Benchmark Player.
  3. The Ratings Committee reviews the Challenger’s results and confirms the criteria for advancement was met. Should the challenger not advance, they must wait 1 month before applying again.

Procedure for a Rating Advancement:

  1. A player seeking a ratings advancement (Challenging Player) must complete the Application for Advancement Form below on this webpage for their desired rating. A Challenging Player may skip rating levels should their self-assessment point them toward a higher rating that is more than one level above their current rating.
  2. Challenging Player will receive email notification of scheduled skills test.
  3. After passing the skills test, the Challenging Player may play up with the higher rating level during Club hours Monday – Saturday. This is optional and not required for a rating advancement. Maximum of 2 players. Note: If player fails to pass skills test they will be able to re-test in 2-weeks after 2nd failure they will need to re-apply after 30 days.
  4. Challenging Player will receive email notification of scheduled Challenge game with Benchmark Players. Challenger will play mixed double / round robin games. Win 2 out of 3 games to 15 or achieve a score of 34 points.
  5. Challengers successfully completing the skills assessment and match play requirements will be advanced. Challengers not passing the match play requirement will be eligible to replay games in 1 month.

IPTPA  Skill Assessment 2.0

IPTPA  Skill Assessment 2.5

IPTPA  Skill Assessment 3.0

IPTPA  Skill Assessment 3.5

IPTPA  Skill Assessment 4.0

IPTPA  Skill Assessment 4.5


On the application, you will be asked to acknowledge you have reviewed all advancement procedures and understand the advancement process. If you have any questions, please contact the Ratings Committee prior to continuing.

When ready to apply for a rating advancement please click the rating of which you are requesting:

  GROUP 4.0        Click to submit Application for 4.0 Group

                   *Block Volley forehand & backhand (drop ball in the NVZ)

  GROUP 3.5        Click to submit Application for 3.5 Group

  GROUP 3.0        Click to submit Application for 3.0 Group


In order to ensure that requests are treated fairly and expeditiously all requests must be submitted online using the above system. Requests in any other form will not be addressed. 

Please address any questions regarding ratings to Rating Committee (