Dean Summers (Committee Chairperson), Pam Clements, Jaynie Gornik, Chuck Perme, Barb Trotter

-The Committee will create a rating process in accordance with the IPTA Rating/Guidelines for 2.0 – 4.0 Player Group
-The Ratings Committee Chairperson is appointed by the board. The Chairperson will select three to four additional members been with RRDPB Club for at least one year that are in the 3.0 – 4.0 Player Group
-The Ratings Committee will develop a written ratings advancement policy for board approval. Once approved, the policy will be published on RRDPC website.

-All Current Members
will advance through the Rating Advancement Challenge (RAC) process
-All New Club Members will be placed in the N (New Member) Player Group once you pay your dues. Once you go through the Academy you will be classified as 2.0 level. We strongly encourage you to attend the Academy and advance from there to the 3.0 or 3.5 level of play. The Academy allows you to meet the instructors and to meet other new members.
-Players joining RRDPC from other Pickleball Clubs. If you have
USAPA MXD/DBL rating based on tournament history (at least 2 years with at least 3 tournaments) or have documentation from a previous organized Pickleball Clubs Rating Committee stating your level of play, upon receipt of documentation, and approval by The Ratings Committee and/or Board, the member will be assigned to a Player Group. Please submit documentation
to the Ratings Committee (
-All Players must stay at their current level for at least 2 months before challenging up to the next level
-Medical if a player has a medical issue and is recovering, they may play down a level while under the care of their doctor. The player must make a temporary play down request to the Ratings Committee ( prior to playing down. After being released by their doctor, at maximum medical improvement, the member must move up to their rating group within the next 30-day period.

-Personal Decision on Ratings Change if a player decides they would like to play down a level permanently, a request needs to be made to the Ratings Committee
( The goal of the club is for all members to have fun and
enjoy their level of play. Once the change has been made however, the player will need to go through Ratings Advancement Challenge (RAC) process, if they want to go back to a higher group level.
-It is a Club Members responsibility to ensure their rating is correct in the system.
The current rating list may be found here: Membership System.

Effective June 2021

The Rating Advancement Challenge process is a 3 Step Process and should be completed within 3-4 weeks. Here are the steps.

1. SKILLS TEST: Passing a skills test using IPTP guidelines for the advancement level being sought.
-If a player fails to pass their Skills Test (First Time) they can re-test in 2 weeks.
-If a player fails to pass their Skills Test (Second Time) they can re-test in 90 days.
2. PLAY UP PERIOD: Opportunity to play up with the advancement group for one week during club hours (Optional can request to go from skills test
to challenge match). Maximum of 2 players Challenging Up Per play group.
-Play up period will be for one week only Monday – Saturday. Any exceptions
need to be approved by the Ratings Committee (i.e., family emergency/weather)
All players will be treated equally and fairly.
3. CHALLENGE MATCH: Mixed doubles/Round Robin. Win 2 out of 3 games to 15 or achieve a score of 34 points. All Benchmark Players that are selected to play in challenge matches will have been in that group for at least 2 months.
-If a player fails to win their Challenge Match (First Time) they can re-apply after 30 days
-If a player fails to win their Challenge Match (Second Time) they can re-apply after 90 days.


  • Members considering a rating advancement should refer to the Skills Advancement for the player level they are seeking.

         IPTPA Skills Test 3.0

     IPTPA Skills Test 3.5

     IPTPA Skills Test 4.0

  • A player seeking a rating advancement (Challenging Player) must complete the “Application for Advancement Form”.  A Challenging Player may skip rating levels should their self-assessment point them toward a higher rating that is more than one level above their current rating.

     GROUP 4.0        Click to submit Application for 4.0 Group

     GROUP 3.5        Click to submit Application for 3.5 Group

     GROUP 3.0        Click to submit Application for 3.0 Group

  • Emails will be sent to notify Challenging Player of Skills Test, Play Up Weeks, and Challenge Matches.
  • Application for Advancement Forms will be scheduled in the order of applications received. In order that requests are treated fairly
    all requests must be submitted online.

  • Please address any questions to the Ratings Committee