Selkirk Pickleball Paddle Review

We at Robson Ranch Denton were lucky enough to have Pickleball Central provide us with a Selkirk Invikta Lightweight paddle for evaluation and review.

I am a 71 year old male with a 4.0 rating and play mainly outside and I was fortunate to be the initial and primary reviewer of the paddle. For my level of play, my game is based more on finesse than power.

My first impression was that the handle fit well in my hand, felt comfortable and the maneuverability was impressive. My first review included a significant warm up period and rallying without playing points. The lighter weight allowed me to adjust my swing more quickly at the net and there was not a drop in speed of shots when hitting drives, crisp volleys or overheads. Upon executing shots, the feel for the soft game was outstanding, both at the net and for net approach shots. The power was adequate without being hard to control.

Subsequently, I engaged in games and matches where playing with the paddle proved enjoyable, as I was able to take pace off of hard balls and drop them into the no volley zone when in firefight mode, as well as quickly react to difficult shots. My third shots and other net approaches were also easy to produce and keep in the kitchen with the paddle.

Both topspin and cut shots were controllable and precise, at least for my level of play, and the “sweet spot” was virtually the entire surface. It was forgiving for my many off center hits, including at both the handle end and the tip end. There was no significant loss of power on these types of contact either.

Although I am not a power player, I do hit with enough speed when the occasion arises, and the paddle was more than sufficient to put overhead shots away and hit hard paced drives when given the chance. I was also better able to control the hard shots, missing fewer than usual due to the paddle control I was able to utilize.

My bottom line opinion is that this is an outstanding paddle for a finesse player and it does not sacrifice power to any substantial degree. Of all of the attributes I observed, my favorite was that it was easy to adjust and react when facing rapid net play and was great at taking speed off the ball while doing so.

An enthusiastic thumbs up from me!

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