Robson Ranch Denton Pickleball Club

Small Tournament Guidelines

  1. How Can I Get Approval for an Event?
    1. Contact the club’s President or Tournament Committee Chair
      1. The club President will notify the HOA
    2. Contact club scheduling chairman for court availability
      1. Schedule tournament play outside of normal club play hours
      2. Courts 1&2 are HOA reserved courts and are not available for tournament play
  2. Keep it Simple
    1. Conducting an easy event will remove the stress, make it enjoyable for you, and probably let you play as well.
  3. What Help Do I Need?
    1. Tournament Director – overall decision maker. Coordinate and lead events
    2. Registration – tracks player signups
    3. Financial – tracks payments (many times combined with registration)
  4. Format
    1. Primary formats:
      1. Round Robin – BEST for small events (all teams play each other)
      2. Ladder – OK for small events.
      3. Double Elimination – Primarily larger events
      4. There are other options, these are just the main options-check PB sites
  5. Registration
    1. Tournament play is open to PB club members only
    2. How will people register?
      1. Via email, phone, text, etc.
      2. Track player name, contact information, partner, what events, and have they paid.
        1. Use excel, google sheets, apple pages, or a piece of paper
    3. How will people pay?
      1. Designate someone to collect the money – cash or checks.
      2. Alternatively, may use RRDPC membership system to collect payments. Get with the treasurer and tech support for advance approval
    4. Use Wild Apricot for emails to announce – with advance board approval
  6. How Many Players Can I Have?
    1. Based on number of courts and time available – work backwards
    2. Estimate Match Times – here are the average run times for an individual match
      1. 1 to 11, win by 2 – 20 minutes
      2. 2/3 to 11, win by 2 – 40 minutes
    3. Example
      1. 4 Courts
      2. 2 Hours
      3. If playing 1 to 11, 3 matches per hour (estimate 20 minutes)
      4. 4 (courts) x 2 (hours) x 3 (matches per hour) = 24 matches
      5. A 6 team round robin is 15 matches.
      6. A 7 team round robin is 21 matches
  7. Funds
    1. Are you awarding prizes, or just a fun event?
      1. If giving out prizes, ensure you collect enough money from each player to cover prizes and any expenses.
        1. An easy option is gift cards from the grill, or just straight cash.
      2. NOTE: Any club tournaments ARE NOT for personal profit.
        1. If you make any money, it should go to the club.
        2. If you lose money, the club IS NOT responsible. It’s on you. See the first bullet point about collecting funds.
    2. Expenses – you may incur expenses to run the event.
      1. You must collect enough money to pay for the expenses.
      2. The club is NOT responsible.
      3. In some circumstances, the board may vote to contribute, but that MUST be approved in advanced.
    3. The Tournament Director is responsible for managing and monitoring funds.
  8. Club Resources Available – with advance board approval
    1. 4 6-foot tables
    2. Megaphone
    3. Pickleballs
    4. Post event to PB club website and Wild Apricot Event Calendar